Peacock Bass Snapback Hat



The Peacock Bass – the most exciting catch in unassuming South Florida canals and ponds – because your “6 Mile” can be anywhere. Just because you walked to your fishing spot doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.

The vibrant colors of the hat reflect those of the Peacock Bass with the bright lime green and subdued graphite gray.

• Lower profile than traditional ball caps
• Classic 6 Panel, casual structured cap
• Cotton sweatband, Polyester / Rayon blend outer
• Medium / Large sizing fits almost everyone (67/8 to 7 5/8 sizing)
• 7 Adjustable snaps for individual sizing

Peacock Bass – Cichla ocellaris

  • Native to Brazil and the Amazon, now found in South America, Asia, and Florida
  • Can become invasive from accidental or deliberate release
  • Sought after for the exceptional fight from an inshore fish
  • NOT related to the other traditional Bass fish
  • 15 different species recognized
  • Florida state record 9.11 pounds