Hogfish Hat by 6MFC



The Hogfish Hat – a hat as unique as the fish.  The 6MFC Hogfish Hat looks similar to a hat you have seen before but better.  The medium dark gray front panel and brim with contrasting black stitching and black mesh back looks similar to other sports or urban brands but pops with an embossed brown leather patch front and center featuring a side profile of the unmistaken Hogfish and “6MFC” retro logo. 



  • Lower profile than traditional ball caps
  • Classic 6 Panel, casual structured cap
  • Cotton sweatband, Polyester / Rayon blend outer
  • Medium / Large sizing fits almost everyone (67/8 to 7 5/8 sizing)
  • 7 Adjustable snaps for individual sizing


 Hogfish - Lachnolaimus maximus

  • Location – US Atlantic and Gulf coasts, Bahamas, Yucatan
  • Size – up to 36 inches, 22 pounds
  • Gulf State Limits – Min size 14”, 5 per person per day, year round
  • Atlantic State Limits – Min size 16”, 1 per person per day, May 1 to Oct 31