Florida Gator Tee by 6MFC



If Florida was an animal no doubt it would be the gator. 

Everyone that is not from here is either marveled or terrified of how many gators are around “in the wild” even if that is water hazard at the golf course or in the retention pond behind the grocery store. It truly is an amazing arrangement we have made the cousins of the dinosaurs. 

The Gator Tee combines the State of Florida Flag intermixed with the Six Mile logo flanked by an alligator at the ready prominent on the back side and the Six Mile Fish Co. logo on the front.  The navy blue color is the perfect ‘all around’ color and being built by Next Level – is superior in comfort and wear ability than most other t shirts. 


American Alligator – Alligator misissippiensis

  • Estimated 5 million in the US – 1.25 in Florida
  • Live up to 50 years
  • Longest confirmed gator 15’ 9”, largest caught – 1,380 pounds
  • Each year, FWC issues approximately 7,000 permits