Blackfin Tuna Fish Hat



The Black Fin Tuna Hat in honor the so named thunnus atlanticus – a favored fish with South Eastern anglers.  An artistic rendition of the Black Fin Tuna with the Six Mile Fish Co. classic logo is applied off center of the gray front panels accompanied by the blue bill, and black rear mesh. 

The trucker style hat is suitable for both men and women with the snap back adjustability. 



  • Lower profile than traditional ball caps
  • Classic 6 Panel, casual structured cap
  • Cotton sweatband, Polyester / Rayon blend outer
  • Medium / Large sizing fits almost everyone (67/8 to 7 5/8 sizing)
  • 7 Adjustable snaps for individual sizing


Black Fin Tuna – thunnus atlanticus

  • Location – Gulf of Mexico, western Atlantic from Massachusetts to Rio de Janeiro
  • Size – around 39 inches, 46 pounds
  • Speed – 46 mph
  • Florida Limits – 2 per person per day, no size limits (2020)