Pompano Hat

Pompano Hat



The African Pompano is always a fun surprise with the unexpected hard fight!  The 6MFC Pompano Hat pays tribute to these awesome fish of the reefs and wrecks.  The medium gray trucker cap features an embroidered pompano to the left side with a modern braid cord between the hat body and bill.

• Lower profile than traditional ball caps
• Classic 6 Panel, casual structured cap
• Cotton sweatband, Polyester / Rayon blend outer
• Medium / Large sizing fits almost everyone (67/8 to 7 5/8 sizing)
• 7 Adjustable snaps for individual sizing
• Modern styling with braided cord


African Pompano - Alectis ciliaris

  • Location – Have been found all around the world, in coastal waterways 65 – 80 degrees
  • Limit – 24” fork length, 2 per boat
  • World Record – 50lb, 8 oz in Daytona Beach, 1990