About Six Mile

Who We Are
Six Mile Fish Co. was founded by two friends since eleven years old that grew up fishing first at ponds and lakes as youngsters in North Florida, then rivers and oceans. Before we were even spoiled by the cares of this world, we dreamed and talked about ways to bring our fishing adventures to life with others, to time stamp our fishing experiences on the water.

What Is Six Mile?
That’s our secret! But as you could guess, it’s about six miles straight out from the coast of Florida. This is where we spent most of our time fishing and catching monstrous fish but even more - plotting our dream of sharing this experience with the millions of other people that love the fishing and outdoor lifestyle.
Simply put, Six Mile is a place where nothing else matters. A place of being and peace, good buddies, and good times.
Six Mile Fish Co. as it is known today was cast in 2015 with the love of helping others find their Six Mile.

Your Six Mile
Everyone either has their own Six Mile Hole or is looking to find their own. From shared GPS coordinates on your boat or recited words from your grandpa – everyone has their secret spot where all the fish are.

Wherever your Six Mile is, we want to fish with you.