Florida Lobster T-Shirt by 6MFC



The Spiny Lobster is often forgotten compared its northern long distance relatives but not by Floridians!  Often called the Florida Lobster – it is a favorite catch among true Florida enthusiasts. 

The Florida Lobster Shirt features a 6 Mile Fish Co logo on the front, and a large artistic spiny lobster rendering on the back over a cool slate blue color.  Made by Next Level – long established as a premium shirt maker – the Lobster Shirt is super comfortable and true to size.  Though sized in traditional men’s sizes – these shirts fit well on women as well.


Spiny Lobster - Panulirus interruptus

  • Also known as Florida Lobster, rock lobster, or even “bugs”
  • Found in tropical waters of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea
  • Florida mini season for two days in July, then from August through March
  • Two years to grow to legal limit
  • Sustainable harvest with recreational season reaching two million pounds